since 1978

Ahead of the competition - with flightcases by KALMS

Individual problems require creative solutions. With KALMS, you have an innovative partner at your side who offers exactly the type of flexibility, that is now in demand.

The KALMS Story

When it comes to ceses, we have the expertise to realize almost any customer request. In close contact with you, we create space-saving transport solutions with innovative features.

Our expertise: Accuracy and creativity

There's no such thing as "can't". Together we'll develop the best possible solution.

As individual as your passion

From one-of-a-kind products for artists to equipment for TV broadcasters or the needs of industrial customers: KALMS' success has always been based on customer communication. Where standard no longer suffices, we develop perfectly tailored solutions together.

Kept as safely as possible

Attention to detail and unmatched proficiency in the field of interior fittings and foams give you the decisive advantage for absolutely shockproof storage. We also offer adapting your existing cases to your changing needs.

Minimal dimensions, maximal protection

The art of perfect transport packaging: finding the optimum balance between size, weight and stability. With many years of experience and a lot of creativity, surprising case concepts can be implemented - where less can clearly be more.

Special furniture and interior vehicle finishing

Whether it's an OB truck for TV or a measuring van: We realize your idea of a perfect vehicle interior with optimal weight reduction and compliance with all technical standards. We manufacture special furniture for recording studios and 19" frames as individually tailored, complete packages.

Refitting, repair and DIY kits

We repair your existing cases or renew interior fittings and foaming to adapt the cases to your current requirements. With kit instructions, all fittings and ready-cut wood and aluminum materials, you can even become a "flight case builder" yourself.

Full service in all aspects

Personal contact with our customers is the most important thing for us: From measurement and on-site consultation to on-time delivery by us or our reliable logistics service providers. Warranty and guarantee work is carried out as quickly as possible in consultation with you.

Materials and service

Full service: From planning to remodeling of your proven case.

Color and surface options

Choose form PVC coatings, RAL colors; di-bond, honeycomb, special materials and laminations of all kinds.

Frame profiles and fittings

We distribute common case fittings of all well-known manufacturers. The quality of our own profile system and various specially manufactured fittings allows us to provide a full 3-year warranty on our cases.

Inserts for 19" rack systems

From the 19" drawer to the 19" panel: We carry all common 19" components. With our customized 19" mounting elements and specially developed mounting systems such as 19" rack rails and special swing elements for transporting sensitive equipment, you are prepared for anything.

Rental cases

For your projects we offer cases for rent in common packing sizes as well as a selection of standard cases. Of course, you have the option of purchasing them after the rental period has expired. Please ask us for individual transport solutions.



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